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Totterdown in July 1954

Taken on 3rd of July 1954 this photo shows the view from "The Bush" up the Wells Road towards Holy Nativity church with its iconic green spire. On the right you can see The Bush Hotel sign with the YMCA behind it. On the extreme left is the wall of the Phoenix pub.

Totterdown in May 1972

Eighteen years later this photo was taken on the 21st of May 1972, just prior to the destruction of this busy corner for the notorious ringroad scheme. You can see the Gateway supermarket on the right hand side: this provided Saturday jobs for many local teenagers. The YMCA has had a makeover and has a flashy plastic sign. The zebra crossing has moved from the Bush to Lloyds bank.

Totterdown in November 1985

By November 1985 Totterdown was left abandoned leaving local people without services or community and we are still asking why.

These days Totterdown thrives again. Houses in the style of those previously demolished are now in great demand and the abandoned site has been redeveloped. Totterdown is home to a thriving community which run an annual arts trail and has a very active neighbourhood.

Knowle and Totterdown Local History Society

Images of Totterdown

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