Knowle and Totterdown Local History Society

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2019-20 Season

Meetings are held at Redcatch Community Centre on Redcatch Road (BS4 2EP) unless otherwise stated. A loop system is used for the benefit of those with hearing aids.


Members pay £1.50 entry fee, visitors pay £3

Membership runs from September to August at £7

Free biscuits and hot drinks are provided during a short interval break.

Update September 2020


Our meeting place, Redcatch Community Centre, remains closed for the time being. We will keep a watch on any plans they have to re-open and assess any restrictions they need to make to see if we will be in a position to meet up. However, we are a large group so we don't foresee being able to meet again for the rest of this year. Our Spring season usually starts in February so we shall hope we are all in a better place by then so that we can plan events.


Memberships will be extended into the 2020-21 period. We shall keep in touch via our regular email newsletters. If you're not receiving these and would like to keep in touch with updates as well as quizzes, local stories and links to interesting website pages, send us an email to

           [email protected]

and we'll add you to our list. We will do our best to resume meetings as soon as we are able to be confident that we will all be safe.


If you have any questions about our area's past do please contact us as usual and we will endeavour to find answers. If you have stories to tell of life in Knowle and Totterdown in years past, our members will be delighted to hear from never know you might find some old friends behind these pages.